Amber Console
April 22, 2016
Lauren Gem Inlay Detail
April 22, 2016

Ann R

Desk with semi-precious gem inlay and cantilevered printer shelf: Avidore’ veneer with padauk hardwood edge, chip carved case and legs with copper, metallic poly-chrome finish, variegated gold leaf drawer fronts over crackle finished with sand through blue glaze. This custom designed studio art furniture piece performs as a functional desk and beautiful piece of art.

This fun desk helps create a happy environment whatever the task of the day is. Its highly figured top shimmers with chatoyance and depth. The corner of the table appears to have been pulled back revealing another layer of inlay mosaic of gems and metal, this amphetamines a trompe l’oeil effect and the true talents of Scott Grove’s craftsmanship. It is Grove’s life long theme of discovering inner beauty at its best. Tactile and visually stimulating is just the beginning, curiosity and a deeper meaning make this a true one of a kind work of art.