his is one of the first series that directly and most obviously addresses the discovery of inner beauty theme. The Idol Series draws upon many life experiences in world travel, love for the outdoors and nature, questions of the spirit and universe, and interests in a wide spectrum of cultures.
The design concept contained in the series is that of a found object that has been cut opened and polished, very much like a geode. This “geode” is then displayed on a primitive set of legs, adding a sense of time or questions of “where did this piece come from?”
The Idol series of works are spiritual and calming; they encourage people to discover the nature of the work and spend time viewing it. There is a delayed response as observers comprehend the idea and ask the questions, “What is it? What is it made of? How was it made? How long did it take?” The graceful lines and materials used in the Idol Series help convey these desires of discovery. Successive iterations within the series were a chance to refine previous designs in aesthetics, construction and functionality. Tina was the last piece; it was the most functional as a display, side table, and sculpture. It takes up minimal floor space and is easily shippable.